Does A Tesla Lock Automatically?

Tesla Model S Door

Tesla vehicles have been gaining popularity for their innovative technology and eco-friendly capabilities. Quick Answer: Yes, Teslas can auto-lock via the ‘Walk-Away Door Lock’ feature. Once enabled, doors lock when the key or paired smartphone moves away from the car. However, if a key is detected inside, it may not activate. Tesla’s Automatic Door Locking … Read more

How Long Can a Tesla Sit Without Charging?

Tesla Parked

One of the most innovative and exciting advancements in the automotive world is the development of electric vehicles, and Tesla has played a significant role in pushing these environmentally friendly cars into the mainstream. Understanding the factors that impact battery life becomes essential when owning an electric vehicle. Quick Answer: A Tesla can generally sit … Read more

How Low Should I Let My Tesla Battery Get?

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla owners often find themselves faced with the question of how low they should let their electric vehicle’s battery get. Proper battery management is an important aspect of optimizing the performance and longevity of your Tesla. Quick Answer: It’s generally advised not to regularly let a Tesla battery level drop below 20% as it can … Read more

Can You Track a Tesla Key Card?

Tesla Key Card

Tesla vehicles have garnered much attention for their innovative features and cutting-edge technology. One such advancement is the use of a key card, a slim and sleek alternative to traditional car keys. This introduction of the Tesla key card raises questions about its functionality, including if it’s possible to track these devices in case of … Read more

Can You Overcharge A Tesla?

Tesla Charging

As electric vehicles continue to surge in popularity, Tesla has become a household name, known for its sleek design, impressive performance, and eco-friendly credentials. But, as with all technology, questions arise about how best to maintain and optimize these EVs for long-term use, with one of the most common concerns involving battery charging practices. Specifically, … Read more

How Often Do Tesla Batteries Need to Be Replaced?

Tesla Battery

As electric vehicles are becoming more popular, potential buyers often have questions about the lifespan and replacement frequency of components such as batteries. Quick Answer: Tesla’s batteries are designed to last between 300,000 to 500,000 miles, suggesting many years of driving before needing replacement. While performance may slightly degrade over time, most owners likely won’t … Read more

How To Turn Off Sentry Mode Tesla

Tesla Sentry Mode

Sentry Mode is a fantastic feature for Tesla owners, offering increased security and peace of mind. However, there may be instances when you’d like to turn off Sentry Mode, such as to conserve battery life or if you’re parked in a familiar and secure location Quick Answer: It’s important to remember that disabling this feature … Read more

How To Unlock Your Tesla Doors From The Inside

Tesla Door Locks

Tesla vehicles are known for their sleek design and advanced technology, which extends to the door system as well. For new Tesla owners or those just curious about the ins and outs of these electric cars, unlocking the doors can be a little mysterious at first. Quick Answer: Note: Tesla models may vary, so consult … Read more

Is Tesla Mobile Charger Waterproof?

Tesla Charging

Tesla owners enjoy the benefits of driving an electric vehicle, recharging their cars at home or at charging stations. A common concern among EV users is the durability and reliability of these charging solutions, especially in various weather conditions. Quick Answer: Tesla’s mobile charger, also known as the Mobile Connector, is built to withstand various … Read more

How To Turn Off Tesla Regenerative Braking

Tesla Wheel

Regenerative braking is a key feature in Tesla’s electric vehicles, playing a significant role in increasing energy efficiency and extending the vehicle’s range. As drivers release the accelerator pedal and the vehicle slows down, regenerative braking captures the kinetic energy and converts it back into electricity, recharging the vehicle’s battery in the process. Quick Anwer: … Read more