Can You Bump In NASCAR?


Bumping, a tactic used by NASCAR drivers to assert their dominance on the racetrack, has long been a subject of debate among fans, drivers, and racing experts alike. Quick Answer: No, bumping is not allowed in NASCAR. It is considered aggressive driving and can result in penalties or disqualification. NASCAR emphasizes fair competition and discourages … Read more

What Are Sticker Tires in NASCAR?

Goodyear Tires

In the world of NASCAR, tire performance plays a crucial role in a driver’s ability to race competitively and safely. One term you might hear within this high-speed sport is “sticker tires.” But what exactly are sticker tires, and why are they such a significant topic in NASCAR? Quick Answer: Sticker tires, in NASCAR, refer … Read more

Why Doesn’t NASCAR Race in the Rain?

NASCAR Race Paused Because of Rain

NASCAR is undeniably a popular and thrilling motorsport, with millions of fans watching drivers push their limits on the racetrack. One peculiar aspect of the sport, however, is that races are halted or postponed when rain starts to fall. Quick Answer: NASCAR traditionally doesn’t race in the rain due to safety concerns. The high speeds, … Read more

Do NASCAR Cars Have Power Steering?

Inside a Race Car

NASCAR fans and car enthusiasts often wonder about the types of technology incorporated into the race cars zooming around the track. One common question revolves around whether NASCAR vehicles are equipped with power steering. Power steering is designed to reduce the effort required to steer a vehicle, making it a critical component in everyday cars. … Read more

How Many Cars Are in a NASCAR Race?


NASCAR races are a thrilling spectacle for motorsports enthusiasts, packed with high-speed action and intense competition. Depending on the specific series and event, the number of cars in a NASCAR race can vary. Generally speaking, the field consists of 36 to 43 cars in top-tier series events, such as the NASCAR Cup Series. Lower-tier series, … Read more

How Fast Can a NASCAR Car Go?


When it comes to motor racing, the world of NASCAR is known for its high-octane competition and thrilling high-speed drama. One question that often arises among enthusiasts and casual fans alike is just how fast can a NASCAR car go? Over the years, advancements in technology and engineering have continuously pushed the boundaries of what … Read more

Do All NASCAR Cars Have The Same Engine?

Do All NASCAR Cars Have The Same Engine

NASCAR races are known for their high-speed thrills, exhilarating competition, and iconic stock cars. For many fans, one of the most fascinating aspects of the sport is the powerful engines propelling these race cars to incredible speeds. A common question arises: do all NASCAR cars have the same engine? The truth is that NASCAR regulations … Read more

What is NASCAR Pinty’s Series?

What is NASCAR Pinty's Series

The NASCAR Pinty’s Series is a national NASCAR racing series in Canada that serves as a continuation of the old CASCAR Super Series, which was founded in 1981. In September 2006, NASCAR purchased the CASCAR Super Series, marking the beginning of this unique racing championship in the Canadian stock car scene. Commonly abbreviated as NPS, … Read more

Are Indy Cars Faster Than NASCAR?

Are Indy Cars Faster Than NASCAR

As two of the most popular forms of motorsports, Indy and NASCAR vehicles are regularly placed in a head-to-head comparison. Key Points: While both involve high-speed races, there are significant differences between the two. One of the most frequently asked questions: Who is faster? When solely considering top speeds, the answer to this question is … Read more