Can You Change a Tesla Tire Yourself?

Tesla Model X

As the popularity of Tesla vehicles continues to grow, understanding the maintenance aspects, including tire changes, is essential for drivers to make informed decisions and ensure the longevity and optimum performance of their vehicles. Changing a Tesla tire yourself is possible, but it’s important to follow proper guidelines and take necessary precautions to avoid damaging … Read more

Are Tesla Tires Run Flats?

Tesla Model 3

Tesla vehicles have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to their innovative electric powertrain technology and sleek design. When it comes to tire choices for Tesla models, some owners wonder if run-flat tires are an option, as punctured tires can cause major inconvenience and safety hazards on the road. Run-flat tires are designed to … Read more

Tesla is reducing on-site staff at gigafactory by 75%


Tesla has reduced its number of on location laborers at its Nevada gigafactory by 75% because of the developing spread of COVID-19, as per an update from Storey County, where the enormous plant is found. This news, which was first detailed by Bloomberg, was part of a bigger update at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center … Read more

The Tesla ‘Energy Crisis’, captured on video

Ok, so maybe this isn’t a ‘Energy Crisis’ per se, but rather a structural barrier to just installing more supercharging stations. This video was take on Thanksgiving day, 2019 at the San Luis Obispo, CA Supercharger Station. More than fifteen Teslas were waiting to recharge at 4:45pm that day. The previous day, Tesla brought a … Read more