Tune-Only Challenger Hellcat puts down 705WHP

Well, that didn’t take long. We can’t wait to see what a few bolt-ons will do to awaken this earth-rotating monster.

705 Rear-wheel-horsepower equates to about 860 Crank HP, considering an 18% drivetrain loss.

By the way, what happened to all the nay-sayers who said the Hellcat ECU couldn’t be cracked?

From the tuner:

“Tuning this car was a true joy! The car was running about 12.7:1 AFR at the tailpipe before tuning with it commanding 12.05:1 so I knew there was a lot of room left performance wise. I got the AFR down to safer levels around 11.4:1 and adjusted many other parameters to get to the end result! It responded very well to the calibration. Up next…E85 “

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