The Challenger Hellcat Will Also Have A Widebody Option In 2018

Dodge has officially revealed the Challenger Hellcat Widebody for 2018. An option that can be added to any Hellcat purchase, the new trim level features wider tires as well for better traction and grip.

The Widebody is now 3.5-inches wider than the original Hellcat, allowing Dodge to up the tire width from 275 mm wide to 305 mm wide, for an increase of over an inch.

According to Dodge, the extra traction provided drops the Hellcat’s quarter-mile acceleration from 11.2 to 10.9 seconds, while increasing its lateral grip from .93 g to .97 g, allowing it to lap Chrysler’s 1.7-mile-long test track a full two seconds faster than the slimmer Hellcat. The added width does take a small toll on the Hellcat’s aerodynamics, however, with its top speed dropping from 199 mph to 195 mph.

Prices for the Widebody will start at $72,590, which is a $7,300 premium over the standard Hellcat, and you will be able to place your orders this month.

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