Ford to end production of Shelby GT350 and GT350R

2020 will be the last year of Ford’s production of the Mustang GT350 and GT350R, according to a Ford internal VIN decoded document. The supercharged GT500 will continue production, and it appears Ford will introduce the new Mach 1 into the lineup, presumably as a stop-gap between the 5.0 GT and the GT500. Ford tweaked and improved several aspects of the the 2020 GT350R, including suspension, brakes and technology components, so the move to drop the car from the lineup comes across as interesting.

Further, according to, there are hundreds of brand new GT350’s sitting on dealer lots with a selling price well below MSRP. And just like the original GT350, which had a production run from 1965-1970, the newest GT350 will also have a five year production run. Perhaps Ford has realized the time has come for the GT350 and will refocus on the flagship GT500. We will miss the high-revving, flat plane cranked 5.2l ‘Voodoo’ motor. So long, farewell.

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