Can Safelite Replace Tesla Windshield?

When it comes to taking care of your Tesla, the windshield is an essential aspect to maintain for both safety and aesthetics. With Tesla’s innovative technology and unique design, owners might question whether Safelite, a reputable auto glass replacement company, can fulfill their needs when it comes to replacing their vehicle’s windshield.

The short answer is yes, Safelite can replace a Tesla windshield.

Safelite has experience working with various Tesla models, ensuring that each customer receives the expert service and windshield replacement they need.

Safelite and Tesla Windshield Replacement

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Safelite’s Capability

Safelite AutoGlass is a well-known and experienced company that provides repair and replacement services for various types of vehicles. They use the latest technology and have a network of experts who can work on windshield replacement for numerous car brands, including Tesla.

They offer mobile services, so they can come to you for repairs or replacements, making it convenient for Tesla owners.

Tesla Glass

Tesla vehicles feature a unique and highly advanced glass design, which requires specific expertise and tools for proper handling. Tesla glass is designed to provide thermal insulation, noise reduction, and enhanced occupant safety.

This specialized design means that it is essential to choose a windshield replacement service provider familiar with Tesla’s unique glass technology.

Safelite is capable of replacing Tesla windshields with authentic Tesla glass that meets the company’s high standards. By using genuine Tesla glass and following the manufacturer’s guidelines, Safelite ensures the continued optimum performance of your Tesla vehicle after the windshield replacement.

Understanding the Repair Process

Windshield Repair Options

When it comes to Tesla windshield repairs, small cracks or chips caused by rocks and other debris can often be fixed without a full replacement. A professional technician can inject a resin into the crack, which then hardens to restore the structural integrity of the windshield.

This process is typically covered by insurance and:

  • Can be done on cracks up to three inches in length
  • Keeps the original windshield, preserving factory-installed cameras and sensors
  • Reduces the costs, compared to a full replacement

However, there are some factors to consider when deciding on repair options for your Tesla’s windshield:

  • The crack may still be visible after repair
  • Cracks impeding visibility or located near EV tech components may require a replacement

Windshield Replacement Options

If the damage to your Tesla’s windshield is too extensive for repair, a complete replacement may be necessary. In this process, technicians will remove the damaged windshield and install a new one, including reattaching cameras, sensors, and other autopilot components.

Here’s what to know about windshield replacement options:

  1. OEM vs Aftermarket Parts: Tesla recommends using only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts for the best fit and performance. Aftermarket parts might not deliver the same quality and could impact the EV tech components and safety features.
  2. Insurance Coverage: Usually, windshield replacement is covered under comprehensive insurance policies. However, it’s always a good idea to check with your provider before proceeding with the work.
  3. Calibration of Sensors and Cameras: After the installation of a new windshield, all cameras and sensors should be recalibrated to ensure proper functionality of autopilot and other safety features.

It’s worth noting that Safelite, a well-known auto glass service provider, does offer windshield replacement services for Tesla vehicles, ensuring the correct installation of EV tech components. No matter which repair option you choose, it’s paramount to prioritize your Tesla’s safety features and the integrity of the vehicle’s EV technology.

Calibration and Recalibration

Tesla Model X Interior

Why Calibration is Essential

Calibration is crucial when it comes to windshield replacement for Teslas. The reason for this is that Teslas employ advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), which depend on accurate sensor inputs.

When a windshield is replaced, the cameras and sensors may not be precisely aligned as before, causing potential issues with the performance of ADAS. Consequently, calibration is necessary to ensure that these systems function accurately.

Recalibration is the process of adjusting sensors and cameras to their proper alignment after windshield replacement. Both calibration and recalibration are essential for maintaining the vehicle’s safety features and avoiding any disruptions to the driver’s experience.

Autopilot and Camera Calibration

For Tesla vehicles, particularly the Model 3, Autopilot is a prominent feature that relies heavily on camera calibration. After a windshield replacement, the Autopilot system’s forward-facing cameras must be recalibrated to ensure accurate readings. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • Ensuring the cameras “see” the road correctly and process the information accurately
  • Maintaining the correct alignment of the cameras to provide a clear field of vision
  • Preventing any disruptions to the Autopilot functionality due to misalignment

In most cases, recalibration is performed at an authorized service center or by an experienced technician. Safelite, a renowned windshield replacement company, is capable of replacing Tesla windshields and recalibrating the cameras.

However, depending on the specific chip or damage, some cases may require the assistance of Tesla as well. It is essential to receive a quote for windshield replacement and recalibration for a Tesla to make an informed decision based on cost, time, and the expertise of the service provider.

Insurance and Payment

Coverage and Deductibles

When it comes to repairing or replacing a Tesla windshield, insurance coverage varies depending on your policy. Many comprehensive insurance policies cover windshield repairs, like rock chip fixes, without any deductible. For full windshield replacements on a Tesla Model S, Model X, or Model 3, check with your insurance provider to confirm the coverage details.

The deductible for a Tesla windshield replacement may depend on your specific policy and the model of your car. Expect the price for a Model S or Model X windshield to be higher than for a Model Y, as the older models have more complex windshields, sometimes leading to higher deductibles.

Dealing with Insurance Adjusters

If you need a windshield repair or replacement for your Tesla, it’s essential to work closely with your insurance adjuster. They will help determine the extent of the coverage, the deductible amount, and any additional services needed, such as camera calibration. It’s crucial to present the issues and specifics of your situation accurately to avoid misunderstandings.

When discussing the repairs with your insurance adjuster, make sure to mention the Tesla Service Center or Safelite technician you plan to work with. This will help you ensure proper communication and coordination between all parties involved for a smooth process.

Since Tesla vehicles typically require specialized technician attention, inquire about the use of the Tesla camera calibration. This service is crucial for the proper functioning of your Tesla’s advanced Autopilot features. Omitting this can lead to safety issues and may not be covered under your insurance if not explicitly stated.

Selecting the Right Glass

OEM vs Aftermarket Glass

When choosing the right glass for your Tesla windshield replacement, it’s essential to consider the differences between OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass and aftermarket glass.

OEM glass is made specifically for your Tesla vehicle and comes from the same manufacturer, ensuring an exact fit and quality. Aftermarket glass, on the other hand, is made by third-party companies and may not be the same quality or fit as OEM glass.

For example, when working with Safelite, they typically offer both OEM and aftermarket glass options. If you have State Farm insurance with comprehensive coverage, it may cover the cost of an OEM glass replacement. It’s important to consult your insurance adjuster and the Safelite service center to determine the best option for your situation.

Ensuring Quality

To ensure the quality of your Tesla windshield replacement, it’s essential to choose a reliable service provider like Safelite. Safelite technicians are trained specifically to handle Tesla vehicles, guaranteeing proper installation and care for essential components such as the headliner and electronic systems.

You can expect the following from their services:

  • Proper fit and seal of the windshield, avoiding leaks or other issues
  • Attention to maintaining the integrity of the headliner
  • Careful removal of any existing marks or damages on the windshield
ConsiderationsOEM GlassAftermarket Glass
Fit & QualityExact fit and quality as the original glassMay slightly differ in fit and quality
CostTypically more expensiveGenerally more affordable
Insurance CoverageState Farm comprehensive coverage may cover the costMay not be covered by insurance, verify with your adjuster

Remember, the cost of windshield replacement may vary based on the type of glass chosen, your insurance coverage, and the specific model of your Tesla vehicle.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Safelite service center for assistance in making the best decision for your Tesla windshield replacement.

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