What is NASCAR Pinty’s Series?

The NASCAR Pinty’s Series is a national NASCAR racing series in Canada that serves as a continuation of the old CASCAR Super Series, which was founded in 1981. In September 2006, NASCAR purchased the CASCAR Super Series, marking the beginning of this unique racing championship in the Canadian stock car scene.

Commonly abbreviated as NPS, the series showcases talented drivers competing across various tracks in Canada. The races provide an exciting opportunity for fans to witness thrilling, high-speed action with a diverse roster of drivers and vehicles that make the NASCAR Pinty’s Series an enthralling experience for all involved.

Over the years, the NASCAR Pinty’s Series has evolved and garnered significant attention from racing enthusiasts in Canada and beyond. With its rich history and continued growth, the series promises to deliver unparalleled racing entertainment and memorable moments on the track for many years to come.

History of NASCAR Pinty’s Series

The NASCAR Pinty’s Series, also known as the Série NASCAR Pinty’s in French, is a national NASCAR racing series based in Canada. It traces its origins back to the CASCAR Super Series, which was established in 1981. The Pinty’s Series is an extension of this older Canadian stock car racing series, maintaining its lineage and influence on the Canadian racing scene.

In September 2006, NASCAR purchased the CASCAR Super Series, integrating it into their organization and rebranding it as the NASCAR Pinty’s Series. This acquisition enabled the series to grow in prominence and attract a wider fan base.

The NASCAR Pinty’s Series is recognized as the premier motorsports division in Canada, drawing in enthusiastic crowds for events held at various road courses and oval tracks throughout the country.

Races take place on various surfaces, including dirt and city streets, contributing to the series’ diverse range of competition and racing styles.

Over the years, the series has undergone several sponsorship and branding changes. From 2007 to 2015, it was known as the Canadian Tire Series before Pinty’s Delicious Foods Inc. took over the naming rights in 2016, giving the series its current name, the NASCAR Pinty’s Series.

Race Format and Regulations

This section will discuss the race format and regulations of the series, with a focus on the points system, race distances, and pit stop rules.

Points System

In the NASCAR Pinty’s Series, drivers earn points based on their performance in each race. Points are awarded to the top finishers in the race, with the winner receiving the most points and the other finishers earning a scaled number of points based on their finishing position.

Additionally, drivers can also earn bonus points for leading laps and having the fastest lap in a race.

At the end of the season, the driver with the highest total points is crowned the series champion. In case of a tie in points, the driver with the highest number of wins will be declared the champion.

Race Distances

Race distances in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series can vary depending on the track and race event. Races typically range from 125 to 300 laps or 100 to 500 kilometers in length, making each race a test of skill and endurance for the drivers and their teams.

The diverse range of tracks within the series, including oval tracks and road courses, provide different challenges for drivers and add variety to the racing experience.

Pit Stops

Pit stops in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series are an important part of race strategy for teams. During a pit stop, the team can change tires, refuel, and make necessary adjustments to the car.

There are no set requirements for the number of pit stops a driver must make during a race, but teams must carefully manage their pit stop strategies to ensure their drivers have a competitive advantage on the track.

The time spent in the pit can significantly impact a driver’s overall race position, making efficient pit stops crucial for a successful race. Teams must balance the need for quick pit stops with the importance of completing necessary repairs and adjustments to keep their car competitive.

Notable Tracks and Races

Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

The NASCAR Pinty’s Series, as Canada’s premier motorsports division, features a variety of exciting tracks and races throughout the country. Its diverse schedule encompasses events held on road courses, oval tracks, dirt tracks, and even city streets, offering a thrilling experience for fans and participants alike.

Some of the notable tracks in the series include:

  • Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve – Located in Montreal and named after the legendary Canadian racing driver, this world-renowned track hosts the F1 Canadian Grand Prix and a Pinty’s Series event each year.
  • Mosport International Raceway – A 2.459-mile road course situated in Bowmanville, Ontario. Known for its challenging layout and high-speed sections, it is a favorite among drivers and fans alike.
  • Jukasa Motor Speedway – Formerly known as Cayuga Speedway, this 5/8-mile oval track in Hagersville, Ontario, has a rich history and has hosted multiple Pinty’s Series events.
  • Eastbound International Speedway – A 3/8-mile oval track located in Avondale, Newfoundland, and an addition in recent years to the Pinty’s Series schedule.

Besides these, the series visits several other tracks in its itinerary, providing a well-rounded racing experience throughout various regions of Canada.

Throughout its history, numerous thrilling races have taken place in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series. The battles for championships and race wins have produced unforgettable moments, showcasing the talent and determination of the competitors involved.

Each season, new rivalries emerge, and exhilarating finishes leave spectators eagerly anticipating the next race.

Teams and Drivers


In this section, we’ll explore some of the famous drivers from the series and the successful teams that have made an impact in the world of NASCAR.

Famous Drivers

Throughout the years, the NASCAR Pinty’s Series has seen several accomplished drivers, including those with backgrounds in open-wheel and road racing. Some notable names include:

  • Jacques Villeneuve – A former Formula 1 World Champion, Villeneuve has also competed in the Pinty’s Series.
  • Max Papis – With experience in IndyCar and sports car racing, Papis has brought his skills to the Pinty’s Series as well.
  • Alex Tagliani – A distinguished open-wheel racer, Tagliani has seen success in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series too.
  • Jean-François Dumoulin – Coming from a road racing background, Dumoulin has since made his mark in the Pinty’s Series.
  • Patrick Carpentier – After a successful career in IndyCar and sports cars, Carpentier transitioned to the Pinty’s Series, where he continued to showcase his driving talent.

Successful Teams

Many teams have found success in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series, with some partnering closely with organizations from other premier NASCAR series. A few examples of successful teams include:

  • Rick Ware Racing – This Cup Series organization expanded into the Pinty’s Series in 2021, bringing their knowledge and resources for a competitive edge.
  • Theetge Motorsport – With plans announced for the 2023 Pinty’s season, this team has its sights set on the continued success and strong performance.
  • Brandon Watson Racing – Determined to chase the NASCAR Pinty’s Series championship, this team has showcased its talent and potential for success.

As the NASCAR Pinty’s Series continues to evolve, we can expect to see more talented teams and drivers emerge, captivating audiences with their thrilling racing performances.

Impact on Canadian Motorsports

The NASCAR Pinty’s Series has significantly impacted Canadian motorsports since its inception. As the top stock-car racing series in the country, it has effectively broadened the scope of racing and attracted a wider audience, creating new opportunities for drivers, teams, and sponsors.

As a result of the partnership established between NASCAR and Canadian Tire, the series gained greater visibility and support, which has helped strengthen Canada’s racing landscape.

The television contract with TSN has contributed to increased viewership and engagement, presenting an additional avenue for local and international talent to showcase their skills.

With its diverse schedule featuring tracks across Canada and even a race in the United States, the NASCAR Pinty’s Series has solidified its place within the broader motorsports community. It has also helped expand the horizons for Canadian drivers by granting them access to a professional level of competition.

The series has attracted well-known international participants, such as NASCAR Camping World Truck Series star Stewart Friesen, which has further boosted the visibility of Canadian racing. In turn, this has opened doors for Canadian drivers to participate in other racing series on the global stage.

Overall, the NASCAR Pinty’s Series has played a vital role in elevating the status and competitiveness of Canadian motorsports, fostering the growth of budding talent, and promoting international recognition of Canada’s racing scene.

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