Can NASCAR Drivers Talk to Each Other?

Can NASCAR Drivers Talk to Each Other

The thought of NASCAR drivers being able to hurl racing taunts over the open air or coordinate with teammates, shake and bake, lends itself to some creative racing scenarios. Radio communications from drivers to crew chiefs and drivers to spotters are available for fans to listen in on and give valuable information about other race … Read more

Do NASCAR Cars Have Air Conditioning?

Do NASCAR Cars Have Air Conditioning

Sitting in a car that is being baked by the summer sun as it drives across the burning asphalt is a nightmare for all of us. Fortunately, when the summer heat comes, we have the option of just cranking our ACs until we are sitting at a comfortable level. NASCAR vehicles are treated as stock … Read more

What Size Motor Does NASCAR Use?

What Size Motor Does NASCAR Use

Despite being called stock cars, NASCAR vehicles have purpose-built engines that are very different from the ones in our everyday sedans. With a bigger size, more valves per cylinder, and way more horsepower, racing engines are super impressive compared to our stock car engine. When deciding which engine builder to choose, racing teams have some … Read more

What Is The Difference Between NASCAR and IndyCar?

Differences Between NASCAR and IndyCar

Car races in America are a national pastime, and the biggest races, like the Daytona 500 and Indy 500, bring hundreds of thousands of spectators and long-term loyal fan bases. But it can be difficult to know the differences between these sports if you aren’t a serious fan of racing. As a casual fan, the … Read more

How Do NASCAR Drivers Drink During a Race?

How Do NASCAR Drivers Drink During a Race

Without air conditioning, race cars get really hot, and the average NASCAR race lasts over 3 hours. Add to the fact that because of the longer period of warm outdoor weather, most races are held in the sunny south of the US of A. On race day, individual drivers put on fire-proof racing suits and … Read more

How Many Laps Do NASCAR Racers Do?

How Many Laps Do NASCAR Racers Do

At first look, most sports are hard to understand, and NASCAR is a doozy to follow. While NASCAR races have a definite end, casual viewers of the sport will not know whether it is the total number of laps. miles, or minutes that signal the end of the race. On top of that, not every … Read more

How Long Does A 500 Mile NASCAR Race Last?

How Long Does A 500 Mile NASCAR Race Last

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of racing, watching a 500-mile race sounds like it takes hours upon hours to complete. After all, traveling 500 miles in a car going 60 mph would take over eight hours. However, with a NASCAR race, drivers are going much faster, so the race is over much faster than … Read more

Why Do Race Cars Swerve Before A Race?

Why Do Race Cars Swerve Before A Race

As you watch a NASCAR or Formula 1 driver prepare for a race, you might see them weaving back and forth on the track. Instead of following a typical racing line, they constantly swerve from the right to the left. They don’t do it consistently but instead weave along the track during specific times of … Read more