Ford just confirmed that there will be no Ranger Raptor for the United States

Ford has decided not to bring the Raptor variant of the new Ranger pickup to the United States.

Hermann Salenbauch, who is the new vehicle line director for Ford Performance, spoke to journalists about Ford Performance today in Las Vegas. Among the topics that came up was the Ford Ranger Raptor, and he had bad news for American fans of the off road Ranger: despite America’s love of Raptor pickups, Ford has no plans to bring it to the United States.

The reasoning behind the decision is that prepping the Raptor version up to U.S. requirement standards would apparently wouldn’t make enough financial sense for Ford to bring it over to the United States.

Salenbauch also eluded to the fact that potential US pricing for the Ranger Raptor may run too closely with the MSRP of the F-150 Raptor, and may even exceed the price of some of the higher trim levels in the F-150.

We are still hopeful for a change of heart from Ford, but until then we have the Colorado ZR2 to keep us busy.

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